Future site of the Barstow Casino and Resort.

The proposed Los Coyotes Barstow development is projected to create at least 1,085 permanent jobs for the City of Barstow and surrounding areas. This includes 823 direct jobs at the facility and 262 indirect and induced jobs once the casino is built and operating. And since the casino would be primarily capturing revenues that are currently going to Nevada, the jobs would be new and additional to California. Additionally, the project is projected to create at least 1,068 job years of construction work. The development is also projected to create additional economic growth in the vicinity of the gaming facility, which will result in further job creation and additional revenue for the City. As of March 2012, Barstow had a 15.7% unemployment rate, far higher than the national average. The City needs the opportunities for employment and economic growth that the Los Coyotes Barstow project will provide.

In addition, in the City’s MSA with the Tribe, the Tribe has agreed, among other things, to provide the following payments and other benefits to the City:

  • require that all tribal development be consistent with the Barstow municipal code (e.g., building standards and codes), and contract with the City to provide personnel to review project plans and construction to ensure consistency
  • provide by ordinance for the preparation, circulation and review by the City of detailed environmental reports regarding environmental impacts before development
  • make its best efforts to reach agreement with the County for the cost of prosecution and defense services, and reimburse the cost of those services
  • provide the City with two acres of land for a new fire and police station, and reimburse the City for 50% of the construction costs
  • pay for a new EMS response vehicle for the City
  • pay the City amounts equal to service, development and impact fees that would be charged by the City if the Tribe’s lands were not in trust
  • mitigate traffic and circulation impacts in conformity with City standards, and pay all required traffic mitigation fees and all reasonable and necessary road improvements
  • pay sewer connection and service fees, and pay all costs of constructing any sewer infrastructure needed to connect the project to the City’s existing sewer system
  • contribute an initial $40,000 to the city for establishment of a Problem Gambling Fund, and make annual contributions in the same amount thereafter to help fund local problem gaming programs; and
  • compensate the City for the loss of tax revenue by making gaming revenue payments (in the amount of 4.3% of net win)

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