Tribal member, historian and former spokeswoman Katherine Siva Saubel was appointed to the State of California Native American Heritage Commission by the last four Governors.

The Los Coyotes members are descendents of the Cahuilla and Cupeño Indians who originally occupied two villages near the reservation’s hot springs. The hot springs and the adjacent lands served as the center of the Tribal member’s lives.

An Executive Order on May 5, 1889, set apart lands for the Los Coyotes reservation, but it was not established until June 19, 1900, under the authority of a federal act of January 12, 1891. Additionally, Cleveland National Forest land was awarded to the Los Coyotes Band by Executive Order of April 13, 1914.

Income was sought primarily by working as ranch and farm hands. Since the 1950s, however, the majority of Tribal members have sought employment in communities adjacent to their reservation. Today, there is still almost no development on the Los Coyotes reservation. Electricity, connected just 12 years ago, serves only the edge of the reservation.


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