Is Lost Coyotes reservation really lost or simply neglected?

Even though this terrain is steep and rocky and some people would say it is not something where you should invest your profit, Lost Coyotes reservation is more than a steep place. It is a place that has a soul and history. This area is neglected not approachable.

Life condition in Lost Coyotes

Los CoyotesIt is a far and distant location that made itself unavailable for any economic development, and people are too afraid to invest in it. Even the biggest and most famous businessman gave up on trying anything. Until 1999 there were no electricity and we must admit that even now there are some sectors of reservation that are not wired. We cannot even say that life in this reservation is frugal it is worse, life and life conditions are substandard and profoundly poor. We must say that more than half of population still uses wood as their heating source, to be more precise 68%.

Could you imagine life without kitchen or plumber facilities, well 18% of homes in this reservation actually live like this, and even more of homes have no phone service not to mention mobile phones.

Prime habitat for variety of species

Although human are in extremely bad life conditions in Lost Coyotes reservation, rare and endangered species are safe here and this is a paradise for them. Among variety of birds and mammals we can find even a reptiles here in this prime habitat. However in some areas pesticide use should be limited to protect some species such as Peninsular Bighorn Sheep.

Poker Online gambling and casinos as a way out

If you want to develop in area that has no natural diamonds you need to use your imagination and to use artificial power. The most powerful weapon of all time is internet. If wired this area and start working on online gambling, poker online and casinos we will be able to hire more than 3000 people and to provide them with descent life.  In order to achieve this government needs to invest in electricity and education. After this process people will be ready to start a progress and to develop afterwards on their own.

Some of the experts in sector Casino Poker believe in economic boom

Some of the experts believe that poker online gambling will effect and provoke economic boom in some areas such as Lenwood. They believe that we should have Lost Coyotes casino resorts instead of reservation and this is the only way to use its resources in the best possible way. The main treasure of these area are human resources and space, enormous space where we can build resorts and crate oasis of casinos and gambling center, that can become one of the biggest attraction ever. If gambling is a bad investment than Las Vegas will be over long time ago. Having casino resort is the most encouragement idea when it comes to this reservation. It is sad to say that this is maybe the only way out.