Barstow Station ranked busiest stop in the West (Barstow Station is the most visited in USA, almost like Las Vegas)

BARSTOW – USA Today has named Barstow Station the busiest rest stop in the West for Thanksgiving travel.

This stop is like a gambling attraction. You cannot step by and resist it. Once you visit it you will always come back. You can even step by and use it to play your favorite slot online or slot online game it has the fastest Wi-Fi ever. We can compare Barstow with Las Vegas the only difference between these two is that you cannot get married here, well at least for now. You can easily become an addict but the feeling is great. The main reason is its amazing and dedicated staff, they are like drug and they will always manage to make you somehow smiling.

USA Today’s Nov. 20 report used data from the mobile application Foursquare to compile a list of the busiest rest stops in the country based on the volume of check-ins last year from Nov. 20 through 25.

“That was based on last year’s travel, way before Dunkin’ Donuts came to town,” said Ben Rosenberg, whose family owns Barstow Station. “It was exciting to see; it shows our family’s hard work over the years. I hope all the changes and renovations continue to bring in travelers. It’s kind of cool to see just how many travelers stopped by Barstow Station during last year’s heavy travel period.”

While taking a break on a trip from Burbank to Salt Lake City on Monday, Jasper Green said he has always stopped at Barstow Station when traveling along Interstate 15.

Green said the addition of Dunkin’ Donuts to Barstow Station was the “icing on the cake” for the family’s annual 700-mile trip.

Vince Bryant, traveling from Oceanside to Rapid City, S.D., said he had heard about the historical Barstow Station but had never stopped until Monday.

Barstow Station“I’ve driven from Oceanside to South Dakota quite a few times but have never stopped here,” Bryant said. “Once I heard about Dunkin’ Donuts coming to Barstow, I would make it a can’t-miss stop for us this year. I was surprised to come in and see atmosphere and clean restrooms. You don’t see that at most rest stops.”

Darnell Carter left Grand Rapids, Mich., early Saturday morning en route to visit his mother-in-law in Lancaster.

Unlike Green and Bryant’s stops at Barstow Station, his was randomly made to satisfy his 7-year-old’s craving for McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. But that didn’t stop Carter and his wife Erica from enjoying Panda Express and a cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Clyde V. Kane Rest Area in Newberry Springs and Valley Wells Rest Area near Baker also made the list at No. 4 and No. 5, respectively.